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He's Thrusting You Out into Your Harvest!

Last night, prophet Penny Gibbs brought a powerful and clear word to us all: We are about to be THRUST into the harvest, for it is ripe.

But some of us are a bit too much like Jonah. 

The recent eclipse pathway crossed 7 towns in the US called Nineveh. 

God is saying He's not done with this nation and we have work to do: Truth to declare.  

Yet, it is so easy to be like Jonah (with our comforts and the judgments we carry.) and resist God's crazy-sounding assignment.  

What?!?!  You want me to go where?!?!

God will do whatever is necessary to get us on His redemptive agenda for the harvest.

As with Jonah, He's sending the wind to get us moving and He'll even assign a 'whale' if necessary.  

So go easy or go hard; Go when He says or drag your feet. 

Regardless, YOU have an assigned harvest field that requires your presence.  

Your Nineveh awaits and His heart is to have mercy upon it.



PS: Important conference next Friday night / Saturday morning at City Gate Atlanta with Chuck Pierce (Click here for his brief comments.)   More info/register here.     

Replay of this Deck word is on YouTube

Replay of this entire Flight Deck is on Facebook.


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