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How Rusty Is Your Hinge Pin?

We've entered into God's 2nd biblical month - His 'hinge' month - when we transition from the Power of the Passover/Resurrection toward the Presence in Pentecost. order for any hinge to work properly, the pin is key.

This month we reach back with one hand to what was accomplished FOR us while stretching our other hand out to what God wants to do WITH us.

Sounds simple enough, yet the majority of Believers will miss it. Why?

Because the core part of us that should function like a hinge pin is often deteriorated and dysfunctional: Rusted, bent or broken and often frozen in place.

Not to worry: This month it is tested and tempered.

Israel went through pre-Pent wilderness tests this month with mixed results: Complaining about hunger, contending about thirst, and engaging in co-battle with the Lord against the enemy.

Each situation tested their metal. Each was an opportunity to pivot to the Lord... Or not.

Each time their issues and God's character were revealed: He was faithful - they were fickle.

Their examples speak into us now.

The hinge (top) has the distinct defect of rust - the result of a corrosive process tied to prolonged exposure to the elements.

How about you? How have all the elements in the past year affected you? How much corrosion has occurred? How much 'rust' needs be removed so you can freely function?

God has many ways to remove rust: Some are intense; some, not so bad. (See replay around min 50.)

It's all a matter of cooperation...Or not.

Be encouraged. This is a remarkable month.

It is marked by supernatural break through to deal with deep hunger and dire thirst; with strategies to overcome the enemy; with clear indications that God is Present in Power.

AND it is preparation for Favor Flood that is Pentecost.

Watch the replay. See what the Spirit is saying to you.

Remove the rust; get immersed in the Oil.

Restore your hinge pin within so He can connect you to your future.


PS: Kim Johnson is teaching next week on The Bitter Root of Judgment! You do NOT want to miss it. Come early to get a seat.

Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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