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Leverage the Chaos to Position for Kingdom Power

We're in the 11th biblical month and 11 is linked to the all-too-often chaotic process of change and transition.   

It's 11 brothers who trigger Joseph's jarring journey to Egypt and the 11 disciples who ride the chaos of the Crucifixion to the other side of the Resurrection. 

How we navigate these messy middles is critical, particularly since encountering chaos is no longer an occasional event. 

Indeed, it is the new normal so we must learn how to be consistently postured so it works FOR US.   

How so? Like the eagle, we can leverage the chaotic power of any storm to climb above it and get our hearts and minds positioned in our place in the heavenlies.  

Then we are no longer subject to the crazy but see it from above.  

That perspective provides peace and that enables us to move rightly in Kingdom authority and power.

Why is that necessary?

Anything, no matter how seemingly 'profound' or 'powerful,' not done from the fulness of rest in Him, will feed the chaos rather than rule over it. 

We've all seen this in attempts to deal with chaos from anger, frustration, control, or withdrawal. 

Remember, it was in this 11th month when Moses sat down to review with Israel the chaos of their messy middle in wilderness wanderings. (Dt 1.)

Too many times Israel was caught up in fear that created an emotional chaos that sucked them in rather than pushed them up.  

And so, a transition from Mt Sinai to the Promised Land that should of taken only 11 days became 40 years.

We learn from their mistakes.

Make time: Watch the replay.  

Decide to discipline your posture so you are consistently propelled by the chaos above the storm.  

At that higher altitude, your vision clears, your peace is increased, and your deployment of Kingdom power and authority are pure.   


Replay of this Deck teaching is on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck is on Facebook.


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