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Maximize His Investment

If there was a strategy where you could gain a 10,000% return on investment (ROI), would you be interested?

You'd probably think, 'Yeah...That's too good to be true.'

But what if it WAS true?

Would you be diligent to go after it? Spend time to study, understand, and apply yourself to it?

Last night we laid out the specifics to do just that. But it’s completely up to you.

Jesus is the one who presents a 100-fold return strategy for His Kingdom Seeds - that's a 10,000% return.

Salvation is one seed, but there are many, many, many more.

His latest Kingdom Seed in you has a variable rate of return of 0 to 10,000%. YOUR response is that variable.

As high returns are always linked with high risk, there are hijacks, blow outs, and an unholy trio of chokers set against you.

Fortunately, we are those 'not unaware of the schemes of the enemy'...right?

Watch the replay. Be a Berean. Apply it. Do your part.

All of Heaven waits to see His Kingdom Seeds explode through you.

How cool is that?


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

PS: Apologies to those of you who tried to livestream on FB. Some issue with local internet shut it down. Pray it up, please.


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