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New Season: New Upgrades - Your War Cloak Awaits

God does not intend for us to fight new battles with old weapons.

There are upgrades available, IF we will but choose to move in them.

Last night at The Deck, prophet Penny Gibbs brought a powerful revelation of the 9-fold Dunamis (Power) war cloak God is providing.

A new and residing fire heads the list for we cannot move in power without the right passion to press forward.

The other 8 roll out from there - each interconnected and critical for the fight ahead:

  • Power to speak - Your true voice!

  • Opens all the gifts within

  • Power to perform miracles

  • Power to achieve

  • Power & might of an army

  • Power to lay down your Life

  • Power & influence

  • Power upon Armies, Forces, & Hosts

There is so much in this word that you may need to rewatch it to gain all the revelation.

It's worth it!

This new season requires new upgrades for the new battles.

Your new War Cloak awaits.

Armor up and advance!


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Replay of entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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