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No Risk - No Faith. Know Risk - Know Faith.

What promise of God is yet before you - calling to you - though not yet within your grasp?

Are you ready and willing to do whatever is necessary to snag that which He wants you to have?

While still in the 4th biblical month, it's time to look to the 5th - when God desired Israel to enter their Promised Land.

But not so. When they rebelled against His timing, a four-decade death march ensued, while the promise remained - valid but unclaimed.

There is no need to repeat their mistake and miss the specific inheritance before us now.

Why did they miss it? The 10 spies slandered first the Promise, then His Ability and, ultimately, His Character.

One slander led to the others, so pay attention that you do not speak against that which His Word declares is yours.

This is no time to play it safe or retreat, but to risk and advance: To dare mighty things and seize that specific promise.

Indeed, 'there be giants' that stand opposed. But upon what do you focus - the problem or the Promise?

Remember the declaration of the two who were true: Those giants 'are our bread; their protection has departed from them, and the Lord is with us.'

Since delays, doubts, and defective theology obscure clear vision, ask the Lord to open your eyes fully to that which He wants you to pursue.

Caleb ('Dog' in Hebrew), highlights something we need: a different spirit.

His was a whole-hearted, grab-the-bone-and-never-let-go passion for the Promise, Ability, and Character of God.

Against the friction, fiction and fear of millions, he hurled his body after his belief and declared, 'Let us go up at once and take possession!'

Pray that 'different spirit' arises in you with such fixated fire that you also will rise, risk, and fight for your future.

Remember, it is His Promise, Ability, and Character that your actions honor in this hour.


PS: We're on sabbatical starting Monday. Please send any prayer requests to our lead intercessor, Scottie. (Text 301-848-2699.)

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