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Square Up and Deal with The Meg: Ascend & Stand for Blessing & Righteousness

Never have we lived in a more monumental time: Never have we needed ALL He has for us.   

The Lord gave prophet Penny Gibbs a rather stunning 'heads up' via a visual word, "The Meg."

The Meg is a movie about the harrowing danger and heroic defeat of a 75-foot-long megalodon shark.

Bottom line message: It's huge. It's dangerous.  It's never been encountered before.  

AND... It WAS beaten! 

How do you defeat something that big? 

One bite, one day, one declaration, and one refusal to back up at a time: The moment-by-moment decision to advance. 

AND... you make use of the upgraded weapons He has provided for such at time as this. 

Last night Penny took us deeper into this 'Meg' word and the 'package deals' laid out in Ps 24: We ascend and stand: receive blessing and righteousness. 

These are 'upgrades' that the Lord is releasing specific to this time so we can see in ways we've not seen before; hear in ways we've not heard before. 

But these upgrades are not automatic:  You must decide that you want them and be positioned to receive them. 

Much more on the replay. 

Meanwhile:  Fear not!  Sure, that 'Meg' - your 'Meg' - is there.

But the resources to defeat it are at right at hand.  

Ascend and stand: Receive your blessing and righteousness.


Replay of this Deck teaching is on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck is on Facebook.


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