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Time to Weaponize Your Prayer Life

How's your prayer life?  Most prayers offered from a quiet chapel are one thing: Those from a battlefield are another.   

Prayers connecting to the Lord as Shepherd are one thing: The Lord of Angel Armies, another. 

In this year 2024, recognizing Him as Lord Sabaoth (Lord of Hosts) is key and Psalm 24 contains a template to weaponize our prayer life. 

It has a 3 part 'Oreo cookie' structure to help us to ascend and then stand so we see and war from there. 

In the first section, we reconnect with the fact that EVERYTHING is the Lords and it will all revert back to the Original Owner. 

Our battle is therefore always based in the enforcement of His Covenantal Rights and our part is to see them executed.

The third section of the Psalm ignites and anchors our situational awareness of His Position as Lord of the Hosts. 

He IS the King of Glory, Strong and Mighty, Mighty in battle, and bristling for the fight.  

These two 'outer halves' are connected by the center part, which is our work to seek His Face. 

To do so, heart and hand checks are required: 

  • How clean are our words and actions toward others? 

  • How pure and uncontaminated are our intentions and our focus? 

  • How willing are we to 'lift up our gates' to let the King of Glory have full, unmitigated, and unlimited access? 

Remember: It is SO critical that we not succumb to any siege by the enemy and try to war from an emotional base of fear or fall into passivity.  

Rather, we must ascend and stand with the Lord of Hosts to enforce His Covenantal Rights and pray effectively in these times.

Watch the replay. Hear what the Spirit speaks to you.

Determine what changes you'll make and weaponize your prayer life.  


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Replay of entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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