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Transition Into the Latter Glory

God is moving us through a time of transition into greater glory and we must be awake and alert.

This is why the shofar is traditionally blown each morning this month - to awaken us at the core. (Click to hear that sound!)

God has designed the flow of the biblical months to speak into our lives and move us deeper and deeper into Him.

And now in this 6th biblical month, we turn and move toward the intimate glory behind the veil - and there is much in play and much at risk.

It is easy and dangerous to remain in what was comfortable and familiar, even when God's glory had been manifest.

Last night I shared a dream and a vision God gave about a storefront that represented this work, His Freedom Outpost.

He released those on two successive mornings in January of 2012, and I have always assumed that the latter vision was simply greater revelation about the former dream.

Two weeks ago, He shattered that assumption, taking me to this verse: 'The glory of this latter house will be greater than the former.'

If you are aligned with this crazy work, I would ask you to be sure to watch that section of the replay. (30 min mark)

There is no question how radically different, powerful, and transforming the glory of the latter house will be.

For it is all centered, anchored, orchestrated, and released by His manifest Presence in our midst.

I have carried this powerful vision in my heart for some 10 years now. It has become a deep and core longing in me to see Him bring it fully to pass.

But how do we proceed?

This will be a prophetic, collaborative, and iterative process and YOU may well have specific keys to help us move into the fullness of His vision for His house.

What the replay, hear the vision, pray it forward.

And remember that this word about the latter and former glory is also for you, personally.

Ask Him to breathe His Life afresh into you - watch as the light begins to vibrate and radiate - listen to the sound released into the atmosphere through you.

And let Him use that to draw and impact many.

The glory of this latter house will be greater than the former.


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Replay of entire Flight Deck on Facebook.

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