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URGENT: Leverage the Storm as Your New Norm

The winds of cultural change blowing as a ferocious storm, chaotic and disruptive, are not going to diminish: They will increase.

We, therefore, MUST learn how to leverage them so that they do not beat us down but lift us up.

God promised that we may 'mount up like eagles' so perhaps HOW eagles do that can help us do the same. 

Specifically, how they sense a storm is coming, move to higher altitude, adjust their wings in surface area and angle of attack, and channel the storm's winds to drive them higher. 

We CAN and MUST learn to do the same in the Spirit.

Yet most are challenged by two things making it nearly impossible to soar: 'gravity' and the 'set of their wings.'   

Addressing these is not hard but they must be altered lest we be forever earthbound and beat down by the very winds that could otherwise be harnessed. 

Please watch the replay and apply what Spirit directs.  

There is a mindset, skillset, and disciplined approach in order to take that pressure coming against your chest and use it to lift you up.    

Since these persistent storm winds are not going away, learn to run into them with joy rather than away in fear. 

Leverage the storm as your new norm.


Replay of this Deck teaching is on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck is on Facebook.


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