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What Is Our 'Why' and How Did This Happen?

God loves to present origin stories: He wants us to grasp the 'why' and show us how He was in the process to bring a new thing to pass.

It was in this 11th month that Moses sat down to recount and record for new and future generations how they got there, their 'why,' and the operative distinctives of walking it out with Him.

Do you know our 'why,' this core DNA, and how God knit together this unconventional new wine skin?

As He often does, He sets a burden and an ache within individuals and grows it into a fire that creates rather than destroys.

He even set frameworks in place decades before and revealed the heart and mindset difference between pioneers and settlers.*

He loves both but they have different mandates and ours is to pioneer.

Then He sets in right alignment and from that requires greater clarifications on core DNA, vision, mission, and more.

In our case, He set many things in place by images and models: a 'live' wire, a set of gears, an aircraft carrier and more to focus both the who and the how.

If you are aligned here, it would be good to review the replay as it will make many things clear about why and how we are different from the typical Ekklesia.

You'll also want to hear the candid responses when I ask this question last night: Why are you here?

We do this now for the same reason Moses wrote Deuteronomy this month: Transition is upon us and we need to recalibrate with God's directives so we move forward accordingly.

Understand this 'why' and see how Jehovah Sneaky pulled it off.

It is ALL about His Glory for this place, in this time, for His Kingdom.


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Replay of this entire Flight Deck on Facebook.

*Pioneer v Settler Theology in Brennan Manning's Lion and Lamb: The Relentless Tenderness of Jesus.(This is covered at minute 30 mark in replay.)


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