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When God's Glory Moves

Last night was another one of those 'sip from the firehose' evenings: So much revelation - so many current applications.

Here are some tidbits.

This month is the first time that the Ark was moving. It created a new alignment of movement that followed the Glory of the Lord.

The Glory proceeded them so they knew where there was a place of rest and it established the staging area for what was next.

When it set off and when it landed Moses' declarations reminded everyone Whose fight against Whose enemies and Whose people they were.

Following the Glory also disturbed the 'cult of comfort' so it was exposed and addressed.

That 'road show' also shifted Moses' leadership and it setup the sharing of his anointing and the distribution of burden.

To his credit, he was in no wise jealous that others shared in it. In fact, what his heart desired is what we will celebrate come Pentecost.

This is also the month when bleary eyed fishermen spied the Glory-Covert moving along the too early dawn.

Fireside breakfast turned open-heart surgery - Dr. Jesus and patient Peter in the OR.

To follow the Glory where it would lead, the pain and the pride had to go.

Jesus also shut down any talk of, 'What about him?'

'No comparisons. No concerns. Just, YOU follow ME!'

Are the dots connecting to your situations? If not, ask the Spirit to show you. You don't want to miss this mark.

Catch the replay - that should help.

Bottom line: God's Glory is on the move. Watch and follow where He leads.

And always remember: It's His battle - His fight. And we're His people.

"Take us where You want, O Lord. We're with You."


Replay of this teaching on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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