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Your Father's Day Gift to Him

Do you have a Father's Day gift for the Father? No? Why not?

How much of a heart-connect do you have with Him as the Father? How much conversation and enjoyment?

Most barriers are created by old emotional baggage connected to our earthly fathers (or lack thereof) and make it hard to deeply trust and walk with the Father.

Those shards of the orphan spirit hide in the deep recesses of our souls and the tentacles choke off the intimacy that we need and He longs for.

When you read through the lines in the picture above, do some of those expressions fit you?

The Father's desire is that we break agreement with that orphan spirit so we can say the statements below without any reservations or conditions.

THAT would be a stunningly brilliant gift for Him.

Yet to bring that gift to your Father, you must risk some soul-spelunking, when you drop down into the holes in your soul to address access points of that orphan spirit.

'What you don't reveal, He cannot heal.' (Christine Caine)

But if you have the courage to confront those dark, hidden, and broken places, you'll find He's waiting to meet you there with Light and Life.

There are Decks when I'm taken aback by how strongly people respond to a word.

Last night the Spirit moved forcefully and the Father met many smack dab in the hungry and hollow places.

He wants the same for you.

Take the time. Watch the replay. Soul-spelunk and let Him meet you there.

Give Him the gift He really wants for Father's Day.

It certainly beats a tie.


Replay of this teaching on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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