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The fog horn, the alarm clock and the starting gun....God​'s signal for 1000's of years is going off

Last Thursday at The Deck we pressed into the current relevance and timeliness of God's command to hear the sound of the trumpet blast TODAY. He is stunningly committed to have us in the flow of HIS time. (YouTube vid with PowerPoint and live shots linked here.)

The truth is - we all flow in SOMEONE'S movement of time. If we don't sync into God's then the enemy has succeeded in changing times and laws. (See Daniel 7:25)


God has three major turn points each year by which He sets His calendar - times/places when it was so important for Israel to 'make the turn' that He mandated all to gather in Jerusalem. (It's still critical - we just don't have to leave town.)

Most of the church knows how critical Passover/the Crucifixion/Resurrection is, although they'll celebrate it under another name (and often out of sync in time.) Some churches will give a 'head nod' to Pentecost (because of Acts 2.) But most believers completely miss the significance of the time we're about to enter: Trumpets, Days of Awe, Atonement, and Tabernacles. There's a reason these are called the 'high, holy days.'

This 3rd grouping of feasts reorients us again in relationship to Jesus. They are focused and purposed to move us forward and refresh what we might otherwise take for granted. Like a strong marriage - it doesn't just happen. Work is involved: Checkpoints and boundaries are there for Life.

To be married well you have to leave, cleave and become one. (See Gen 2, Eph 5, Mt. 19.) This is not a one time event but a process. There are ALWAYS more areas where we need to 'leave, cleave, and become one.' The 'leave' part is the most obvious

and for the Israel this was a real problem: They had left Egypt but they still carried Egyptian patterns/expectations and heart connections with them. It kept them from crossing over into all that God had for them.

But a healthy relationship means more than just really leaving the old - how well are we cleaving? (Yeah, I know it's an odd word: How about 'really grabbing hold?' And then there's more - where do we still need to become 'as one?'

This current time brings distinctive focus to the update and upgrade of our walk, talk, and LIFE with God. We're moving into the holy of holies - connected more to His glory.


So in this time of the 'high holy days' God releases a fog horn (Warning!,) an alarm (WAKE UP!) and a starting gun (Off to the races!). It's called the Feast of Trumpets. It's designed to warn us about our drift into spiritual fog; to waken us from spiritual stupor; and to start us running into a new year of fresh revelation. And do it all in God's timing. (Year 5775 begins this Thursday at sundown.)


I would encourage you to look at the video from the Deck if you missed it. Many of you have never heard anything definitive about how this works and it is increasingly imperative that we get into God's timing. Hear the sound of the shofar.

These days are more noisy and chaotic than ever. Change is accelerating as never before. We have a choice - sync into God's river and flow or be swept along by that of the world.

It's like when Moses said to Israel: "I have set before you a choice.....Choose LIFE!"

For King and Kingdom,


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