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The Biggest Danger? Failing to Launch

If you knew that your time on earth was almost over and every word counted: What would you start with? What words would be first and foremost on your mind? (First part video replay here.)


Moses had seen a lot - been a lot. 40 years a prince (learning to rule,) 40 a shepherd (learning to guide the stupid and stubborn,) 40 years a general (leading an army that turned into a death march until a whole generation had passed.)


So with all he saw, all he experienced, all that he could recount he jumps to this first - with this word of the Lord:

The Lord said, "You've been too long on this mountain. Break camp and advance!"


Interesting that he doesn't think the first concern is idolatry or grumbling - it's a failure to launch. THAT is a word for this month - this 11th month.


But launch into what? How will we express the core of moving forward for Kingdom? (Part 2 replay here.)


Things have gotten so muddled - 'Christian.' 'Born again.' 'Spirit filled.'

Inside and outside of the church today these words have become tag lines, bag lines, and, at times, a way to simply group and discard each other. We have to find new ways to communicate the truth of what these once meant.


So - watch the second vid here. It's my attempt to help us see and talk about true change in Jesus; about being saturated by the Spirit of God; and how we seek to be Kingdom minded rather than 'church' minded. He did tell us to 'Seek first....ah....something.

(BTW - Go to the 10 minute mark on the 2nd vid and see the sponge respond. That's how we're supposed to be filled.)


It's so easy to get sideways. Knowing how to talk about who we are helps us know how we can connect with others who are just not like us.

And those awkward connections are of His design - the diversity that will find a unity to see His Kingdom advance,


We're to be a people of 'more.' More Grace AND more Truth.

More freedom, more life, more Spirit and joy.

More Kingdom breaking out and moving forward.


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