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Can you SEE what the Lord is saying? Pearls found as we crossed...

'Write the vision and make it plain.' (Habakkuk)

'Do not throw your pearls before swine.' (Jesus)

There is a uniqueness in what God is doing here. WHAT is presented is one part but HOW is another.

We take the vision and make it clear so that these 'pearls' connect the dots.

The Holy Spirit doesn't simply speak: He IMPRINTS.

These are from last night. You'll want to watch/listen to the video to grasp all the rich content. (First vid here: 11 min.)

Yup - worth a watch because God is communicating this way to those who are increasingly visual because He knows how this generation learns.

(Vid 2 here.13 min)

Granted this is not my normal follow up summary. But it's a time to simply allow some images to speak.

Get intrigued....we're in a vastly important month and you'll want to recalibrate to be in position.

I know you're busy - SWAMPED, in fact. But what's feeding you lately?

Late night TV? Forever Facebook? How's that working for you?

Better to see what God says He's up to and sync in with Him.

Go deeper with what you're seeing. (Vid 3 here. 22 min.)

Allow the beauty He presents to wash over you and see if it doesn't 'taste like more.'

Scan down. Vision shapes us and stirs our heart and imagination and keeps us in Him.

These are all from last night and links are also at the bottom.

There's even a section on worship and warfare in Vid 3. Critical for these times.

Find new ways to honor Him. Connect heart-to-heart.

Psalm 149 captures the worship/warfare dynamic.

But then so does the Lord's Prayer...

Remember the Lion in this time of focus on the Lamb.

Welcome into the first month - Nisan and the Tribe of Judah.

Video replays here: Vid 1 (11 min.) Vid 2 (13 min.) Vid 3 (22 min.)

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