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Hey, crack pot! Time for ruthless trust.

I think there is a 'new normal' Christian LIFE that God is drawing us in to in His progressive rollout of The Kingdom. Deep-level oxygen for those who long for more.

TRUST is at the core: but beyond the kind of trust we've experienced.

It's a throwdown wrestling match for most of us.

Easier to say, "I love you," than "I trust you."

Easier to mouth the words than throw your life into that unknown.

Many more 'love' God (or say they do,) than trust Him.

Ruthless Trust is a book by Brennan Manning that has stirred this again in me.

While I've read this book many times, somehow it has dropped more deeply in me now.

No surprise: Jesus said, 'I have much more to tell you but you cannot bear to hear it yet.'

Guess this is a time when I could bear it: Can you?

These graphics from from The Deck teaching are to anchor a few key phrases and allow the Spirit to speak them into you.

If you missed the teaching, they may seem odd. But perhaps they will foster a thirst to listen for more.

Maybe save them or share them....there is a progression into the depths here.

Regardless, I believe that the Spirit is moving on this not simply for me or for us, but for all of the Body. Don't be surprised if it comes at you from 5 different directions/ministries/movies, etc. He's persistent, that way.

Attend to His words - respond to His nudge so He doesn't have to bring out the big hammer to get your attention.

You see, you are a cracked pot, just like the rest of us.

He's already using you in ways that astound angels, shock cynics, and silence the saintly.

'God utters you like a word containing a partial thought of himself.'

And His word does not return to Him void.


Full replay, click here.

Get a copy of Brennan Manning's book Ruthless Trust via Amazon, click here.

Click here for YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for the full list of Deck replays.

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