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Hey, Firebrand! Get plucked, placed and pyro-nized!

It was all about fire last night.

The fire we're in; the fire in us; the fire that comes through us.

Plucked from to be placed in so that through you things get stirred for Kingdom. It's how it works.

But always, always comes the choice:

Will you fend off the fire? Snuff it, stuff it, grow cold, old and hard?

Fire is more than a thing: It's an occasion - the metal that softens in it's heat then hardens in the cold.

Many places in the heart shift like that - once pliable, now rigid. A choice we made; a consequence endured.

The map of the heart is a patchwork quilt and the test for hard parts is this: Where can I not find 'rest?'

You know, that part of living which jerks your soul over...and over...and over...again. The 'plague of the possible' (but not) and the worry-worn; the frets and the sweat.

Right there. That's where hardening has come.

But why? HIS way of fire confuses our rational sense of justice.

What could soften, we see as assault. What can form, we receive as rebuke. What is present to ignite, we deem as destruction.

Yet for the willing, God is smelting a small band of people for a massive move. It's forming. It's storming. Like a ground-swell rolling our way.

Want in? You willing?

The fire-fierce is carried at your core - it empowers and consumes.

The delusions of self-sufficiency and isolation need be devoured; your deep truth brought to the battle. The gold exposed beneath the mound of dirt.

These remnant revolutionaries will not be teflon-tyrants; unmoved and unaffected.

They are, rather, of great heart, vibrant and viral. A contagious fire that leaps limits and ignites the adjacent.

Please understand: You ARE that firebrand of the Lord. But the choice remains - feed or famish it.

So be plucked, placed and pyro-nized and let the fire become your desire.

Reveal the glory that God has set within you and release the person this world desperately needs.


There is much more in the full replay, click here to see it.

We sang this worship song last night by Paul Wilbur, Burn in Me - Highly recommend this.

Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available

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