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'Why am I here now, God?'

I made a run to the store the other day to get coffee. Upon return I found I had "successfully" bought a number of items.

...but I forgot the coffee.

I missed the core 'why' of my trip.

Bigger scale, same issue:

Israel forgot why God had freed them from Egypt when it was time to cross into the Promised Land.

We repeat that mistake when we don't move into the full walk that God sets before us now.

Israel had a survival mentality, so they chose 'safety' first and refused to cross where they would thrive and honor the God who led them.

Can you hear the skuttlebut back in Egypt?

"You know that 'mighty God of Israel?' Hah! Well, he broke them free but could not bring them into what he promised. They're just wandering around the wilderness. Maybe he's not so mighty after all?"

No wonder that when they finally do cross (a generation later,) the 'reproach of Egypt' has to be rolled away. (Josh 5)

What about us? Many wander around like 'redeemed vagabonds' rather than cross over and pull heaven down into the earth.

Is there a reproach on God's name because of us?

There are always 'barriers to entry' to any promised land.

When Israel saw the giants they cried out, 'Why did God bring us here to kill us?'

They forgot the 'why.'

But Josh and Caleb remembered and so they saw the giants as 'bread' - not foes, but food.

Can we, or rather, will we, get beyond our fears, remember why we were set free and and press into more?

Will we actively pull heaven into the earth?

Remember God's 'why' over you and let it affect how you see the 'what' in front of you.

Or, to follow my simple example,

Bring the coffee home.

There's a bigger reason you were set on this journey so honor His Name by stepping out into more.


Full replay, click here. Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available.

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