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Harness ONE Pervasive Expectation

Here's one point from The Deck last night:

Our ultimate HOPE is an 'unbreakable spiritual lifeline.' (Heb. 6)

That lifeline must anchor to an envisioned and articulated future with solid confidence.

Confidence in that kind of lifeline will let us hang off life's cliffs without fear.


Many lesser hopes and hopes-dashed have blended in so that the ONE hope is diluted, polluted, foggy and vague.

That makes it a thin thread - not a steel cable.

Ultimate Hope is focused upon the restoration of all things that Jesus promised (Mt. 19) and it makes a proper and powerful demand to be:

An EXPECTATION so near that we can taste and see it.

So PERVASIVE that it affects how we move, all we see and all who see us.

Numbered ONE in preeminence, with all other hopes set below it.

Thereby can we HARNESS this ONE PERVASIVE EXPECTATION for all its inherent power and life.

THAT kind of H.O.P.E. IS a lifeline both present and compelling so that you connect heaven to earth and the future to the now moment..

Much more on the replay.


(PS: First Fruits next week!)

Full replay of The Deck teaching, here.

Go to our YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost to see all The Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available.

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