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Can one question shift you?

What if you knew beyond any reasonable doubt that in 9 days, the Final Trump would sound and Jesus would return?

Would it change the next 9 days? too.

We're just 9 days now until the feast of Trumpets in God's calendar.

It's an annual wake up call and is linked directly to the last trumpet sound so we break off complacency and refresh the concrete hope we carry.

We are those who breathe in LIFE and exhale out a clear and present expectation about the restoration of all things.

The sound of the trumpet is linked to much of His movement in the earth. (Watch replay for details.)

Because of that fact, this question arises: Just what is He releasing THIS YEAR?

Remember that the feast of Trumpets is also Rosh Hashana (the Head of the Year) and the start of 5779.

To mark and make the transition, we're going to gather up for a special Flight Deck on Sunday, Sept 9, 6:30 to 8:30.

Come to feast and close out this year and lean into the next in worship and communion.

We'll end well to start smart.

Meanwhile, take a few moments and imagine:

IF you knew there were but a few days remaining...

Let that perk in you and shift what you pray and what you say.

And then prepare to hear the sound of the trumpet.

It's all part of God's work to 'Restore the Core' of His people as we watch and wait for His impending plan.


(PS: Had to shorten the word last night. God had plans and we had to follow His directive. Enjoy the brevity.)

Replay of the Deck teaching, click here. Go to our YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost to see all The Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available

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