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The Permanence of Transition: We can thrive

The Deck was amazing on Thursday night. God showing up - imprinting His word into the deep places.

Would recommend watching the replays because this topic is something we're going to be in until...well....when Jesus returns.


The 'permanence of transition' is the new state of normal. We're in it, God's in it, and without shock or surprise. He's moving things forward by it. (Vid part 1 replay. Note - cutting the vid's into smaller, bite-size pieces.)

For our part, we get and stay clear about our identity and destiny in the midst of this mighty wave and ride it. (Vid 2)

The wave that sweeps over us is also striking old models and institutions - many of those will crumble and collapse but God has a plan to advance and you're a part of it. (Vid part 3)


Deut.1 is still a key in all this: You've been too long in this (good) place: Break camp and advance.

We're to be so aligned and in sync with Him that we can shift and be in the place to thrive - to ride the waves and not be swamped.

The old excuses, 'Well, that's just the way I am,' or 'we've always done it that way,' have run their course. All who are willing are being transformed from glory to glory into His image. (2 Cor. 3.)


So, why do I still struggle to accept His definition of who and what I am?

Back in more 'stable' times, it seems I could get by with my own self-definitions more easily. But now many of those crutches have been pulled and in the face of all the churn this has to be settled deep within me.

My true identity is linked to my destiny: My identity is the form - my destiny is the function. And the call of God pulls them both forward.


At the Deck we walk through some of the amazing images God reveals about our identity. (More than shown here.)

Sure you've heard these before. But a cursory knowledge will no longer suffice: It's time to go deeper so we can move in greater confidence and freedom.

How about these 'identity indicators?'

  • Do we have the 'air' of an heir? (You've got a massive inheritance!) You know, that bit of swagger that we need not fear about funds or the future?

  • When we walk into some challenging situation do we move as one who has the authority of an ambassador?

  • Am I so at ease with my Father God that I wrap my arms around His leg and bury my face there, knowing I'm His favorite child?


Since we're under orders to 'break camp' and advance it's time to examine what we pack and what we leave behind. The lies we once believed go: The truth comes to displace them.

This will take passion and persistence. The enemy is viciously determined to hold the ground he has in our perceptions.

In times passed we could get by with having knowledge about something. Now we need to know it down in our bones.


Your destiny is waiting and all of creation is waiting for you: Groaning for the revelation of the glory that God has set within and upon you.

These are not ordinary times. But the good news about a time of 'Permanent Transition' is that more of His glory will show through you as you walk through it.

It will be amazing to watch you all unfold.


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