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Wholly Action v Acting 'holy' - the demand and danger of Promise

We have problem. YOU have a problem.

But this problem has an upside.

There's a demand being made and it's dangerous. A choice is required.

God has arranged a crossroad just like He did with Israel.

The question is the same:

Will you trust Him wholly and act

or will you just try to act 'holy?'

(Your 3 min. short vid - click here.)

Over 3,000 years tomorrow, the Promised Land sat there staring Israel down with this inherent question: Will you or won't you?

Follow wholly or equivocate, justify and reason a way around what's promised?

God had His paw print on the land - it was marked.

He had declared on oath it was theirs.

He's declared on oath what is yours.

OH, CRAP! This speaks to

Don't go religious - don't make this vague, undefined and undemanding of response.

Don't make it just spiritual.

That's the enemy's ploy - to give you a 'religious' out - to side step where the rubber meets the road.

What is the Promise that sits out there saying to you, 'Come and take this?'

What's the counter voice/pull inside you that says, 'Nah....

Too busy,

Too hard,

Too unlikely,


Demanding? Dangerous? Delusional?

My wife said to me this morning, 'I think the danger is that I think I'm all in, when I'm really not...not in all things.'

Tomorrow is the date when Israel refused to cross into the Promise set aside for them for 400 years.

God established that date in time so that we would stop and go, 'What about me? What about now?'​

We 'all in' and acting wholly or we just acting 'holy?'

The Promise demands an answer.


BTW.....Varied menu below.

  • Good fun in the full teaching, including 'The Top Five' List by David Leatherhead.

  • Or a shorter shot covering one part that's only 12 minutes.

  • Come and eat.

3 minute quick video: here.

Here's a 12 minute excerpt just on Wholly Action v. acting 'holy' click here.

Here's the full teaching: click here.

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