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Feeling unstable? Good

(Take 90 seconds to expand your take on the chaos you're experiencing around you - click here.)

While many are dining in the 'Chaos Cafe' that is much of what we see, God has given us 'touch points' each month.

Like a boss telling a trusted employee to watch for specific things. We keep doing 'our job' but we pay attention as directed.

This is now the eleventh biblical month - A dynamic linked to the challenge of sometimes even violent changes to structures and life.

But a month also linked to the Tribe of Asher. God brings to mind the specific and stunning blessings (in Christ) that are captured in the prophetic word over them.

Bottom line - Instability and stability meet in the presence of the God who moves us forward.




This strange dynamic is found in an experimental plane I saw in the Smithsonian.

The wings are swept forward as it was intentionally designed to be unstable.


Innate instability makes it highly maneuverable. Highly 'stable' planes are slow to respond.

That's fine if your an escorted freighter: Less so if you're in a dogfight. (And you ARE in a dogfight, know it or not.)

Perhaps we were designed to be innately unstable?

(Now you're thinking of people you know....s'okay: They're thinking of you.)

Instability can enhance our ability to respond and adjust quickly to what God has set before us... provided we are aligning with His voice by the Word and the Spirit.

Course none of this means it will feel 'comfortable,' and comfort is what most of us want.

Last night I stated this plane has 7 computers to control it. Wrong: Turns out it's 3 (hmmm...) and that they make 40 adjustments per second.

Guess Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are making course corrections so that we highly unstable ones can be highly maneuverable.

The replay is worth watching because there is so much more. The anointing in the room was palpable from the worship time that led and the communion that followed. The Word got released in the middle of all that: Grace beyond grace.


PS: Reminder: This Sunday: War for your children - a gathering hosted by Bill and Pam Garfield. 4 to 5:30 at 3 Tallulah Circle, Valdosta. Call 229-333-0667.

90 Seconds to 'catch the month,' click here.

Full replay of this Flight Deck, click here.


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