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HEART CHECK: HOW are you praying for and about the election and this nation?

​God aligned it so that this small body of broken but bold believers would host the highest elected official over this city last night.

He arranged it so we could repent for heart-sets and words spoken that are nullifying the prayers of millions.

Only in the right heart-set are we able to bless and release blessings in His name.

Remember: You are called to move in tremendous authority with absolutely unmitigated humility.

That is virtually impossible without a broken state before God so we are established by the Blood of the Lamb alone.

God takes us into deep repentance so that our prayers WILL BE EFFECTIVE in the heavens.

So, so many prayers are rendered ineffective because of the bitterness, fear, anger and judgment that we hold in our hearts. (Ps. 66:18)

As Nehemiah (ch.1) and Daniel (ch. 9) we cried out in indentificational repentance: Confessing sin.

  • FIRST our own

  • SECOND as His people, the church, and

  • THEN as the nation.​

We thereby shift our perspective from being stuck in our own little world (a given 'sphere of culture') to be able to see things from The Kingdom perspective:

A perspective that sees how the Kingdom of God is positioned ABOVE ALL things to draw up the best in each mountain so that there is true freedom in every sense of that word.

In the replay from last night, you'll see a short 10 minute teaching on this and then Mayor Gayle brings an update on items where we have been in prayer and where we can stand in prayer for the region.

Watch the first 10 then stay for the balance if so led. One apology:

WHAT YOU WILL NOT SEE OR HEAR (but I must tell you about,) was actually the best part. (Sorry.)

45 plus minutes of words given, repentance released and received, blessings and prayer over the mayor (representing all those in government,) the city, the county, the state and the nation.

It reflected the heart of God in so many ways:

  • An elected official whose heart is committed to honor God and to serve all the people.

  • A gathered people of God blessing and interceding for the good of the land and it's leaders and not for personal gain or angry agenda.

  • All transacting before heaven in real and candid humility: Earnest. Passionate. Honoring.

If we could but see this replicated in this land, the world would be shifted.

Alas - that part of the evening we cannot release on the Net:

Some moments of God must remain on record in heaven alone.

But grab hold of this: Diane W. sent me a word that she received last night (copied below.) PLEASE READ IT.

(I've included her candid opening remarks so we ALL learn by her honesty and heart.)

You all know that God IS AT WORK but we must likewise remember that He looks to see IF we will agree with Him in the earth so that 'Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done.'

Humble yourself. Repent and get clean and clear: Pray.

Then vote by God's direction because, frankly, like all of us, 'you are not your own: You were bought with a price.' (1 Cor.6)


Replay of The Deck (in part,) click here.

YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost has all the Deck replays.

Word from Diane W:

Stephen, I have been in tears before the Lord listening to last night's worship (Diane records the worship time on her phone,) the prayers offered, the sense of His holy presence, the seriousness of the hour and the awesome reality that He would visit our tiny group and share His heart with us. I have asked Him to forgive me and ask you to forgive me for not sharing something I kept seeing. I was analyzing it instead of stepping out in faith. It's not going to have the impact it would have had last night (if it was from Him) and I repent of caring more about it being "right" and how I might look than about humbling myself and opening my mouth. Anyway, I felt I was supposed to share this with you. I saw a being dressed all in black with a black hood on his head. He was in the heavenlies holding a sword named Destruction over his head. He was starting to bring it down on our nation. He was stopped midway due to Yahweh's people taking their righteous stand and worshipping Him (just as we had sung). I had a sense of our being so incredibly accountable and responsible for whatever happens to our country. It's not the sinner's responsibility to hold back what we deserve. It is ours as His blood bought people. As His people prayed, repented and stood in and for His righteousness, angels gathered all around this being and the sword of destruction was frozen in place half way down. The angels were flashing brilliant swords and the black being could not move. However, he was not destroyed and the sword was still in his hands. Had the sense that we must not become complacent or if a certain person is elected or things temporarily "appeared" to be better, we must not back off our pressing into Him, our prayers, repentance and outreach. Regardless of what happens this Tuesday, we are to be kingdom focused and yielded to His plans and purposes for His glory's sake. It's so much bigger than our nation. It's about His Kingdom being manifest everywhere.

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