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Temp check on the TWO Fires you need burning

​There are two fires that God promises in Zechariah 2 - Two we need attend.

How is the Fire within you? Granted for most it may vary greatly on any given day.

But is it burning? Smoldering? Flickering? Intense and hot?

Did you know that fire is not really a 'thing' as it is an 'event?' It's something that occurs when 3 things come together in the right balance:

  • Fuel

  • Oxygen

  • Heat

All three ARE present in your life right now - but the question remains if you'll allow the heat to engage the fuel of the anointing oil that's upon you and with the oxygen that is the breath you took into you as you read this.

(More specifics on this in the replay.)

But EQUALLY IMPORTANT: There is also 'the Fire without.' That wall of fire that God sets around you.

And here's the challenge: We create boundaries and walls in the natural: 'structures' that are both right and reasonable.

But, if we come to rely upon them as they are and the Fire of God is not allowed to inhabit those walls - we cut ourselves off from HIS protection and OUR mission.

We isolate off from hosting the Glory of God and that deep hunger the whole world carries.

Here's your take away: Do a temp check on the Fire within and the Fire without.

Put your hand on your heart and close your eyes. What do you see? What do you feel?

Is it burning brightly or just dark embers?

Then, AND THIS IS CRITICAL, do a wall check: Your personal boundaries, the structure of your life, your family and relationships and any church 'structure' you're around.

Can you put your hand on those 'walls' and feel the heat from the Presence of the Fire of God?

Is He allowed complete access to make those 'walls' flexible, permeable, and welcoming? Or intense, consuming, and formidable?

There must be Fire BOTH in our hearts and in our 'walls.'

That's the promise of Zechariah 2.

That's the challenge and danger of the deep walk with Him.


Full replay from The Deck that will explain all this more fully, click here.

Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available

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