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A time to unsheathe that sword and engage the fight

You're in God's next month now - the 12th one. In the bible it's called 'Adar' and linked to the tribe of Naphtali.

First, the good news: It's a month to prevail.

Second, the fine print: You have to wrestle to do so.

Prevail? Great. Wrestle? Sounds...sweaty and upclose and personal.

(Isn't there just some pill I can take or book I can read?)

This month is also tied to the celebration called Purim (in Esther): a party that culminates a year long process.

You can't bypass the process to get to the party. There are key actions we walk out to get to the party-hardy phase.

Esther and Mordicai are typically the ones we study to see how those scriptures might apply to us or perhaps others in leadership roles.

But there's another MASSIVE question with direct relevance to all of us:

What if the people of God in that time, after all God had arranged, had simply stayed at home on the day of battle?

​The intricate work of God behind the scenes (right people, right place, right time) was implemented SO THAT all of the rest of His people would have the RIGHT to stand up and fight.

But what if they hadn't?

'Well, ya know, the way I see it, God arranged for Esther and Mordicai to get it this far: Surely He'll have others to do the fighting.'

That represents a mindest and model for most of the church. It's a form of consumerism: Eat, bleep, go home.

Sheep at the trough.

We want it done FOR us.

Prevail? Yes. Sweat? Hell, no.

​But the reality of Esther 8 and 9 is that the people had to unsheathe their swords and engage the fight. THEY had to wrestle to prevail.

E and M might have cut a path, but it was a process WITH the people of God - not just FOR.

It's also how the early church functioned and it's also how God is fostering new models today.

It is said of this biblical month, 'When Adar comes, joy Increases.'

It's true. We get to celebrate how God turns the table so completely on the enemy.

Yet this question lingers in the air: Will we, His people, rise up and do what we must?

Or will the authority He's given us stand in the corner like a rusted trophy; a sword forever wrapped in it's sheath?

Wrestle and prevail, my allies. We are all in this together.

Not to do it FOR you, but WITH you.

We've got to have each other's backs 'cuz the fronts are all in the fight.


Replay of Deck word, click here.

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