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Are you 'anonymous' like Ananias? Good. It's your time.

Thank God for Ananias the Anonymous.

We know nothing about him before or after Acts 9.

One act of obedience is all we know.

One act in the face of real danger.

One debate with God.

One submission of will.

One prayer loosed.


Saul the slaughterer becomes Paul the proponent and the world is still recovering from the shock.

Last night we began to address a MASSIVE LIE operational in the Body: That there are two 'classes' of citizens in the kingdom of God.

Granted, NO ONE would actually say it - but we often live like it.

Our emotions and focus and self-speak reveal that the lie is living and active.

And it's killing us.

Gail brought some of her story to help to kill off the lie; Connecting the dots of recent assignments and how YOU are a critical part of what, how, and why it happened.

Gail isn't really what others would consider an 'anonymous' type but she attends to the voice as Ananias did - She has learned to trust, risk and go into deeper waters.

God used Ananias to speak into Paul and open his eyes: A pattern God uses still.

As we constantly send people out on assignment whether big, small, short term or long - God uses you to speak into that.

Gail described how specific prayers and words and scriptures released over her were activated and demonstrated in Brazil, Cuba, and Israel.

It's how it works: We listen, we obey, we release and risk.

Sometimes we're a Paul, sometimes Ananias.

Are you an Anne or Andy the Anonymous?

Do you have any real clue just how critical you are to the Kingdom?

We have to get beyond the glitz and glamor of 'celebrity Christianity.'

God wants a whole army of those like Ananias who will move in obedience (and often in stealth) to His directives.

Read Acts 9 again. Connect the dots of his story and yours.

Think on the impact of that one act of obedience.

Then listen and watch for your part today - your one act.

Shift a life; change history.

To all those 'anonymous' ones like Ananias:

Your time has come.

Move out of the shallows and into the deep.


Full replay, click here. Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available.

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