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Do we reflect or block the Glory?

On the same day this past week,

  • The 'World's Clock' (Big Ben) was silenced for 4 years.

  • The moon blocked the sun across the nation.

  • The new moon arose and triggered the biblical month of Elul.


At The Deck, we looked at the moon and sun as symbols as espoused by early church fathers.

The implications are, well, stunning: a huge warning or an important sign of what's coming.

Listen and decide. (Details in the replay.)

​In this 6th month we turn, return and prepare.

We move to end one year and begin another: Mercy and forgiveness are key.

And all of it is framed by the extraordinary encounter when Moses demands God's Presence and requests His Glory.

Yikes! No guts, no glory?

God agrees to both.

​Presence connects to Rest; Glory connects to Passion.

We need to hold both and be held by both.

How's your level of Rest? How's Passion move you?

It's time this month to see both restored.

Much more is linked to this month; many points of encouragement to draw us and prepare us for the new season.

Make the time to let Him speak into your life at this time, for this time.

The hourly pounding of the 'clock' in you has been mercifully silenced so you can hear God's shofar resound in your bones.

One sound sneered that life withers away - the other, calls you hither and higher, to Life that still waits on you.

Hear the awakening sound - turn into the Glory.


Full replay, click here.

(BTW - due to tech issue on the video taping - you'll only hear my voice and see the slides....lucky you.) Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available.

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