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Presence or pressure: Set apart or blown apart. A month of key decisions

Soak in the Presence or submit to the pressure. Be further set apart or see things blow apart.


It is in this month, confronting Aaron's calamitous calf, that Moses cries out to his naked and nascent nation, 'Who is on the Lord side?!?!'

Those who respond see their lives and legacy changed forever and a tribe finds its footing and identity.

The call rings out again and the opportunity remains for those with ears to hear.

God processed BOTH Israel in Exodus and the church in Acts through the same steps over the first 4 months.

It is in this month that both covenant communities were at risk and God's fierce response is stunning.

This is intense 'house cleaning' to protect and instruct them as His separated people.

Atmospheres seasoned the choices: Moses up in the Presence; Aaron down in the pressure.

They were assigned those contexts but for us, this is an ongoing choice.

Much will flow from this first decision.

For in the pressure of the camp, a second choice arises: How to respond to delay and the perception of abandonment.

Anxious, angry, asleep or attentive: How do we engage the perceived delay of 'God-Not-Yet?'

Know this: Waiting and worship are deeply linked.

We choose not only a what or whom upon which to focus, but also a how and the power of the attitude behind it.

Aaron fashioned a familiar creature of comfort and control to worship. And yes, most of us do the same.

We revert to what we knew when we felt comfortable...even if we were in bondage at the time.

In the midst of the unknown, we often grasp the very thing that held us back.

Nothing so dramatic or distinct as a golden calf, but certainly just as distracting...and every bit as dangerous.

An anesthetic to hope deferred and the dejection of delay.

Too much to throw at you here? Sorry. There is SO much more on the replay.

You'll want to see how God links 3 people in Acts 4/5 to show how this dynamic translates into the early church.

And if was true for them, it is for us.

Be alert. Be aware. Dynamic times.

Hear the cry. Align. Find your footing. Lay hold your legacy


Replay of this Flight Deck teaching, click here. Go to our YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost to see all The Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available.

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