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Time to Prepare for the Big Turn

Every month in our modern calendar has a 'flavor' - think April v August; June v. July. This biblical month we are entering has a flavor also: Think of the end of a year. It's a time to reflect back and address what changes are needed. Accounts are balanced. Lessons are learned. We prepare to enter into the new. But this month, we close out not only a year but a decade. And with that, we move into a new prophetic era.

The month (called Elul in scripture) is a time of Teshuva - of turning and returning. A time when the shofar is blown each day as a wake up call to pull us out of any spiritual slumber so we do not remain in the same old pattern, the same old way. (Of course, most folks prefer NOT to be roused from a nice doze. Our enemy would prefer that as well. Nothing like a few quasi-comatose believers.)

God time stamps some stunning scriptures for this month - places to ponder and hear Him speak. Perhaps there is none more significant than the encounter between Moses and the Lord when Moses blurts out an almost death-wish request: Please...Show me Your Glory!

What about us? Are we willing to earnestly risk such a request? The imprint on Moses made him look like a headlight with legs. Can you imagine what it did to his bone marrow? We want that level of impact during this month. Not simply for this month or year but for the next ten years.

But there's a warning in these texts also. In sharp contrast to the Moses encounter is Ezekiel's vision. (Chap 8-11.) God is astonished that far from being sought, His glory is being refused and forced away from the very place He should be honored. So, press in or push away? Want Glory revealed or removed? What's your appetite? Much more in the replay - the scriptures for you to contemplate. One last thing: Jehovah Sneaky's sense of humor. The first picture up top was chosen to show the intensity of the turn we're about to make as we move from this decade into the next - from the Hebraic Year 5779 to 5780. I ended up counting the jet trails...7. And then the planes...9. Wait...79? I'm sure that's completely coincidental. Or, perhaps the Spirit is saying to the church, 'Yup - big turn coming. Prepare.' Stephen Replay of this Deck teaching, here.

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