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Time to Get Your Awe Restored

So easy to lose our sense of awe. So necessary to get it back. Not just a sense of awe in general, but our sense of AWE for Him as He calls us, yet again, to come behind the Veil.

It's fascinating to see how God has time stamped so many things in scripture to this, the seventh biblical month. If we look closely at those things, an intent becomes clear: The restoration of Awe.

You don't just wake up one day and your sense of Awe is gone. It's an erosion process - slow, steady, silent sludge. It's relentless. So this month God sets points of encounter. You choose to engage, or not. And He will nuance it for you. This morning I was sharing my desire to study more about Awe. Then I heard this, Awe is not about study. Awe is about Breath. When I breathe on you and you breathe that in. It’s me filling you beyond what you think you can bear.

This picture should be us.

The Bride intent on reaching the heights where the Groom awaits.

She's not vain or presumptive; Not concerned with appearances, sweat, or inconvenience.

Not weak but strong and confident and willing to embrace the risk in the ascent: She knows Who awaits her. Watch the replay - Note the touch points of the Spirit for this time. Take the risk - Seek His Face. Get your AWE restored. Stephen Replay of this teaching, click here.

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