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Camouflaged Counterfeit Gods & the War for Your Worship

The war for the worship of the people of God is a perennial dogfight brought front and center this month via the debacle of the golden calf.

Two brothers, called, favored, and anointed, fared quite differently: Moses protected by The Presence; Aaron perverted by the pressure.

Easy to judge Aaron - "What WAS he thinking?!?!?"

But which of us, if pressed by 2 million people, in the face of feeling abandoned and afraid, would not find compromise both compelling and convenient?

Even apart from that kind of pressure, Tim Keller is right: 'The human heart is an idol factory that takes good things... and turns them into ultimate things.'

'Self' is indeed THE seductive idol of the culture and we, as the church, are not insulated nor immune to that atmosphere.

Since our worship is absolutely KEY for this time, it is important we allow the Lord to plumb our depths to ID and clean out any camouflaged idols.

Last night we looked at 3 key questions to help with that process, as posed by Keller in Counterfeit Gods.

1. What do you habitually think about to get joy and comfort in the privacy of your heart?

2. Where does your money flow without great effort or thought?

3. What triggers your 'troubling' emotional states?

Use these 3 questions and see what the Lord shows you.

Alright, I get it: This is not particularly fun - maybe not upbeat enough for what you'd like right now.

(Hmmm.... any chance that is the idol of comfort calling out?)

The idols today are not so clear as an image of gold - they are incredibly subtle and thus, so very dangerous.

God time-stamps the calf-crisis now so we get recalibrated and restored for worship.

Believe me: The war for your worship is on.

Get free and clear from self-deception and counterfeit gods.

Then get your eyes up!


Replay of this teaching is on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck is on Facebook.


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