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The Cross Is The Sword of The Lord Unleashed

In the cultural calendar - it's Good Friday. A solemn time for many - usually seen as the dark before the dawn.

But we can miss His perspective: That the Cross is The Sword of the Lord, and, upon the death of our Lord, it is revealed and unleashed against the enemy with devastating effect.

Our God IS a Cunning Warrior!

In God's calendar we're in the thick of 3 different events that speak into our time. (Includes the Exodus and the entrance to the Promised Land.)

In each we see the strategy of Jehovah Sneaky to conceal and then reveal The Sword of The Lord to destroy the reach and stronghold of the enemy.

But back to Good Friday. Ever pondered or have any sense of the surprise, shock and awe in hell at the very moment of Jesus' death?

For, indeed, it was by The Cross that Jesus made a spectacle of His enemies: Raiding hell and the grave, taking the keys, breaking the bars and taking captivity captive.

God kept this strategy hidden from the evil powers '...for had they known, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.'

Oh, yeah... BIG mistake there.

Catch the replay so you also understand the progression that God uses: Passover to Crossover to Makeover to Takeover.

These apply to us now and we're in a key time in the count UP to Pentecost.

So ponder the day when He gave it all, finished the work and laid His life down of His own accord.

But also recall how The Sword was thereby loosed on your behalf, hell was vanquished and the veil was split open - forever.

God has loosed that Sword in our time for He is always the Cunning Warrior.

Watch for Him.


Replay of this teaching on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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