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You Can't Fight What You Don't Sight: CLEAR THE FOG!

Many of us are fighting the wrong battles or fighting the right battles in the wrong way. Why?


The 'fog without' pulls our attention in a hundred different distracted directions.

We chase problems and fight battles that diminish our time, strength, and focus to the neglect of our assigned spheres.

The 'fog within' is a blindness or distortion caused by soulishness and how we either discount our 'stuff' completely or overemphasize it.

Discount it all and we think the whole fight is 'out there' and our stuff has no impact; Overemphasize it and we end up in a black hole of introspection and miss the battle completely.

Early church fathers and mothers had it right: Battles are against 'the world, the flesh, and the devil.'

The challenge is to see which of these are at play and in what combination

Last night we walked through how these operate and how we can clear the fog with Mark 8 and Nehemiah 6 as primary keys.

Details and much more on the replay including these 3 memory points to help you advance:

The Staff before the Sword

Perspective before the Problem

Sight before the Fight.

This morning there was an email from a local ally: 'Thank y’all for last night! It was just what I needed. It was painful and awesome.

I have been so overwhelmed with many things lately, and now I need to see what battles are actually mine, and what battles I have no business in.'

For the sake of Kingdom and your part in it, take the time, watch, pray: See what the Spirit is saying to you.

Clear the fog because you can't fight what you don't sight.


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Replay of entire Flight Deck on Facebook.

Kim's teaching on Bitter Root Judgments that I referenced can be found here.


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