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Time for YOUR fresh start: Deal a deathblow to disappointment

​(Here's a quick 3 min vid that I shot this morning to get you up to speed and you can forward onto others.)


We're in a month where God sets before us extraordinary grace for new beginnings - fresh starts.

The problem is that most folks will not be able to move forward into that.

Not because they don't desire it but because they're caught.

According to Chuck Kraft, a spirit of Disappointment is THE most prolific issue they have seen plaguing believers for decades!

It's dangerous because IT KILLS FAITH.

So what?​​

We've entered the 8th biblical month and 8 in scripture typically signals new beginnings. Want one?

It's the month when the 'Noah 8' walk out from the ark on their new beginning and it's linked to the 8th tribe, Manasseh.

Manasseh also marks a new beginning: The first type of 'One New Man' - a product of Joseph and his Egyptian wife.

Manasseh means that God caused Joseph to forget the trauma of the past.

THAT is what we need to step into the new beginning.

Let's be completely candid: We ALL want a fresh start. But few are willing to do the work to enter in.

God's fresh start with Noah was costly and it grieved him.

But He faces the issue, makes the changes, moves things forward and begins, again.

Kim will also be on to walk you through her own example and a deliverance process.

Real. Practical. Direct.

Pay attention - do the work.

Find greater freedom - fresh faith - and a new beginning.

It is for freedom that Christ has set you free. Do not submit again to a yoke of slavery. (Gal. 5.)


3 min. Truth Shot, here.

Full teaching, here.

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