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God's sneak attack strategy on your stress

​Jesus intercepts two traumatized disciples fleeing their place of pain, shame and hijacked hopes.

He slides in behind them, eavesdrops a while, and blinds them from seeing who He is.

'So, just what's the big deal with you two and your droopy faces?'

What a bizarre strategy for the just-risen King of Glory.

Why not just appear in some form of your shimmering brilliance and blow their minds open?

Like...'Hey, guys! I'm here; I'm back! I'm alive to rule and reign!'

He would break and banish all their stress and sorrow in one swell foop.


Not Jehovah-Sneaky.

​It could have been a quick flash/bang-wow! But no.

He's incognito - He's stealthy - He's patient.

He releases wave after wave of truth over them and into them.

He plays with them at a crossroads of departure....'See ya later, guys.'

They make Him stay; clueless to what will follow.

In the stillness of the house and a piece of bread....a moment crafted by the master Hunter/Healer...



Did you SEE that?!?!?!

That was...!?!?! Where'd He go?!?!'

Now you see Me; Now you don't.

Stunned. Astonished. Bewildered and giddy and stress-free: They sprint like their feet are on fire and not just their hearts.

The trauma of dashed expectations has been broken by the washing of the water of the Word and revelation of their sneaky Savior.

You'll want to see the replay from The Deck. There is so much humor and intensity in how Jesus deals with these two.

But there's more:

It's a template for how He wants to address the traumatic stress in YOU.

​Listen. Watch.

Reflect on where He's already at work in this way on you.

Jehovah-Sneaky IS present and at work. You can feel it as you read this, though you're not sure what or how or when...

Agree with His plan. Let Him bring you into the fellowship of the burning heart.


Full Deck replay, click here.

YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for the full list of replays.

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