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No Man's Land? The crucible and kindness of chaos

At the beginning of each new biblical month, we turn to anchor points in the Word and see what the Spirit is saying to the This month we're alerted about chaos. Chaos is virtually always seen as something to be resisted, averted or controlled. But biblically, there are two qualities of chaos whenever God is in the process: As crucible and kindness.

11 in scripture (we're in the 11th biblical month,) is linked to disruptive transitions that come suddenly and even violently. Certainly they are not easy to deal with but they should not be missed or dismissed for there is favor in that forge and God has His purpose in it.

What favor? God links the intense blessings of Asher, the 11th tribe, into the mix. Part of the blessing includes warfare footwear: Feet dipped in oil (anointing and authority) and boots of iron and brass!

So suddenly, walking through the chaos of No Man's Land suddenly gets a change in perspective. As further encouragement, look at the last part of the blessing: As your days, so shall your strength be. (Deut. 33.)

This is more than a daily dose of grace: It's proportional - the greater your need, the more you receive! Much more to attend to in this month - replay has the details. Regardless, remember that while you may be in a No Man’s Land - it’s still God’s territory. Stephen Replay of this Deck teaching, here.

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