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A Heart Cry of Israel and The Voice of a Watchman

What a treat it was to have Rivka and George Whitten with us last night!

Rivka is an anointed psalmist and musician whose music pulses with the fragrance and heart beat of Israel.

You really do want to let her music soak in on you and let it take you into the heart of the King of Israel.*

George, on the other hand, is a whole other kettle of fish. Articulate and quick, funny and animated, he carries a strong watchman anointing to integrate the headlines of today with the prophetic movement of God.

Here are links to her music* and his service of Worthy News. You can connect with them via those links, sign up for the news briefs, download music, and more.

Please remember them in your prayers. Specifically, that God would break open the way for them to return to their home in Israel.

COVID and other complexities have kept them in the states much longer than planned.

But I sense an urgency in the Spirit for them to return soon to re-anchor in the Land.

Per this aircraft carrier model: They landed last night, dropped a payload and received fresh anointing and resources for the fight ahead.

Now they've launched back into their assignment but we need to see them get home again.


Please note: No Flight Deck next week.

Replay on YouTube.

Replay on Facebook.

* Our audio recording does not do justice to her music. Please listen to the studio quality to get the full effect.


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