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Do You WANT the Latter Glory?

As was true for the church in Revelations 3, so it is now.

Jesus is watching for the transparent and unreservedly open door so that He may enter, breathe upon, ignite, and orchestrate the latter glory.

Last night at The Deck, we connected the time-stamped passage of Haggai 1 with a vision God released a decade ago.

Israel was called upon to attend to the latter house of the Lord - and so, now, are we.

But there are key components for us to allow the full engagement of Jesus.

These are not only for the Body when gathered, but likewise for each of us as individuals.

Many speak of the longing for revival, but few are fully open to what He wants to blow upon, ignite, align and direct.

Watch the replay. Walk through the steps with Him.

There is a glory in you that we have yet to see.

There is a glory in the Body that must be released.

Open up and let the King of Glory in!


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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