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First Rise, Then Wrestle - Operate Through BOTH Cycles

All believers wrestle with situations, circumstances, and attacks - not all rout and then rule over those things.

Why? We don't understand the cycle: We don't have the rout and rule in mind for we assume wrestling on-and-on ad nauseum with the same thing is just part of the deal.

Many times we lack perspective about the deeper issues and dynamics or we try to do it in our own strength and grit.

This week, God corrected the model I was working on and revealed that there is not just one cycle, but two and we must learn to operate in the first before we engage the second.

The first is called 'RISE' and it has 3 main components:

  • Rest and reflect

  • Recount and rejoice

  • Revealed and Recalibrated. (See replay for details.)

Moving through this first cycle connects us to our assigned seat in the heavenlies, per Eph. 2.

It reestablishes conviction in who we are and how we are seated in the authority that Jesus purchased for us.

We then have the revelation and strategy to rightly engage the fight and move into the 'WRESTLE' cycle to rout and rule.

It's like a figure 8, linking the first to the second part.

I know this is grossly oversimplified or perhaps too complicated: It is a means by which we understand and discipline our response to any conflict.

It is anchored in this: Jesus paid it ALL!

Not only for our salvation, but for our placement, giftings, authority, victory, and our demonstrated role in His Kingdom advancement.

Are you moving in ALL that He has provided?

Watch the replay. Take some time and learn to move through both cycles so you know when and how to transition back and forth.

First 'RISE.' then 'WRESTLE.'

Then rise again for His Glory.


Replay of this Deck teaching is on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.

PS: Some requested this prayer pattern I mentioned:

'Lord, I bless (name) and I release your blessing upon him (or her.) Reveal his wounds and heal him; Reveal his full glory and set him free.'


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