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Four Prophetic Triggers to Prepare for What's Next

Prophetic triggers are scriptural connections to align us in God's time.

As we prepare to enter the Hebraic year 5783, we highlight 4 key characters that provide insight on how we move in the next season.

Gideon is a warfare prototype for us. We will see God addressing these areas:

  • Imparted identity.

  • Altered worship.

  • Specified strategy and timing.

  • Culled alignments.

  • And radical obedience.

Goliath alerts us to the flavor and forcefulness of opposition that we will face:

  • Large and loud.

  • Aggressive and arrogant.

  • Intimidating and insulting.

  • AND vulnerable to a finely focused assault.

We will not be jerked around but we need to be ready.

Gomer embodies God's intense heart for those seduced away from Him.

His passion, patience, and persistent pursuit are to be imprinted upon us this year.

Gabriel reinforces the reality of the angelic host dispatched in this time specifically to instruct and train the saints.

We will expound and expand each of these as we walk through the year for the multiple levels of revelation and direction.

5783 has many, many more facets. Watch the replay to get an overview of these and other prophetic triggers.

Be a Berean. Go to the scriptures. Connect the dots. Grasp the Word and the Spirit.

Align in time with all He has set before you now.


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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