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Four Questions to Align in the Right Battle

We' all have battles on multiple fronts. Some are good, some silly, some important, and some are just distractions.

Last night, we covered four questions to help us realign and engage His battles in His way.

Q1: Is God present? seems like a stupid question since He is omnipresent.

But this is about the manifest Presence of the King. Is it present, palpable, and honored here and now?

Will we stop, worship, and wait until it is?

Q2: What is this battle? acknowledges that we rarely perceive the true nature of the fight.

We think it's that person, when it's us; Or that it's lack, when it's a spirit of poverty. Etc.

Presuming we see it all correctly is arrogant. Open our eyes, Lord!

Q3: Is this YOUR fight, Lord? points to the fact that many battles are our own attempts to control, or help, or to feel good about ourselves.  

If we bring consummate candor to God and ask this question, we may be surprised (and perhaps relieved) by His 'No' or strengthened by His 'Yes.'   

Q4: Where is my place and part? is last because many of those details will become clear as we answer the first three.

Nevertheless, this question drives the critical point that God has a specific time, place, position, and strategy for the battle.

We need to get these directly from Him.

Otherwise, it's easy to rush the first field, fight bravely, fail quickly.

Test these questions on a battle you're in and take the time to write them down, seek Him, and write the answers.

A quick, glancing treatment will not bring the clarity needed.

You're needed for the battle: His battle: The right one at the right time in the right place.


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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