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God is OFF THE CHAIN & Bringing Us into the New Day!

Whoa! Last night was completely OFF THE CHAIN!

Worship pulled heaven right into the room and The Presence pressed down on everyone.

Kim brought one of those words that cuts between soul and spirit, joint and marrow.

Deep stuff was stirred as she walked us through a process to unpack and put to rights long-term emotional and spiritual leftovers.

Then we moved into the deep waters (literally) of baptism: A time to die to what was in order to rise up into new life.

It was amazing! 25 went through 'death, burial, and resurrection' last night! (That IS what baptism does.)

Our pool may never be the same and those who entered the waters will never recover. (Praise God.)

God is on the move right now: His Presence and Power are calling us up and into much, much more.

Be encouraged! Seek His Face. Let Him deal with those leftovers in this time.

Break off the old so you can enter the new.

God is off the chain and your New Day waits.


Document Kim gave out here.

Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Replay of entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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