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Got 86,400? Spend Them in His Pleasure


It’s the number of seconds you have in this and every day.

Surprised? Yeah, me too.

On what is your attention set on each of those moments?

There is a demonic strategy at work to fragment your focus and overwhelm you with noise.

It’s less about getting you to focus on a given message and more about changing your ability to focus for any length of time.

The second part of this strategy is to keep you from attending to the great pleasure the Father has in you.

How? Stir up any remnant of an orphan heart that remains in you.

Generally, it starts with an area where complete trust of God is an issue and then the rise of an internal pressure to make it happen on your own.

Not to be overly cute, but it really boils down to this choice: high blood pressure or HIGH BLOOD PLEASURE.

We choose to live in one of those two states each moment. And those moments are directed by our attention. And our attention forms and informs our soul and thereby our identity. 

Much, much more on the replay.

God is slowing us down so we will function out of the right identity as sons and daughters of His delight.

Mind your attention, attend to His Pleasure.

Spend your 86,400 well.


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I highly recommend that you get and slowly read these books.


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