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Got Gilgal? You Need A Beachhead Hub

It was this month that Israel finally crossed the Jordan and into the Promised Land.

But they didn't get far.

God established a beachhead and outpost hub for them called Gilgal.

But it was far more than a starting point.

For while Gilgal became the key anchor and hub from which they would take the territory, it was also a transition center.

Some things ended, some began: Some memorialized, some rolled off.

No Cloud, Pillar, Moses, and manna; New provision, leadership, strategies, and territory.

Israel's first act in the land was to make a memorial from 12 stones to always remember the miracles that got them there.

What about you? What miracles brought you to this point? How important is it that you memorialize them in some fashion?

It was at Gilgal that all Israel was circumcised (ouch!) to roll off the reproach of Egypt.

What reproach cling-ons and unfinished business from the last season needs to be removed from you?

Do not let shame stop you. Circumcision of the heart is intimate, often at a source of pride, and may take some time to heal.

But it HAS TO GO if you are to advance into the promise unencumbered.

So many other things are linked to Gigal and the significant role it played in the history of Israel.

Many of them can be brought to bear in our 'here and now.' (Much more on the replay.)

For now, two key questions:

First, as you are crossing over to occupy the promise, where and how has God established your Gilgal - Your beachhead and hub from which you are to take the new territory?

Secondly, what transitions need to take place before you advance?

Will you allow your provision to shift? Your strategies to change? What is to be rolled off forever and what needs to be memorialized so it is never forgotten?

This is a time to advance and occupy territory for the Kingdom.

But do not rush the field of battle before you're certain you've 'got Gilgal.'


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Livestream replay of this Flight Deck worship is found on Facebook here.

(Small tech issue created gap)

Balance of the evening is here.

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