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Location Shift! Grasp Your Full Benefits Package

The enemy has propagated 'Ascension amnesia' so we do not walk in the full 'benefits package' that Christ has provided.  

For the Ascension triggered a 3-fold location shift so that Jesus could be with the Father, the Spirit could dwell in believers, and we could take our seat in the heavenlies.  

No wonder the early church creeds always affirmed '...and He ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of the Father.' 

They understood the full weight of the Ascension and kept it front-of-mind.

Think about it: Jesus' relo meant that He could cut the way for our bold approach, that He began to daily make intercession for us, and that He had prepared, not one, but two places for us.

Our location shift meant that we could occupy one of those places now and be seated with Him (co-located) in the heavenlies! 

What a mind-blowing reorientation for how we pray and wage war against the enemy.

The Ascension also triggered the relo for the Spirit for Jesus had explained, 'unless I go, He cannot come.' (John 16)

The Holy Spirit had been WITH them but now He would now be IN them.

There is a reason that Ps.103 tells us 'forget not ALL His benefits.' If we forget, we will not actively deploy them for the Kingdom. 

Many, many of your benefits are linked directly to the Day of Ascension.

Catch the replay. Understand the 3-fold location shift and the divine dynamics of co-location.

Grasp your full benefits package so you walk and war accordingly. 


Replay of this Deck teaching is on YouTube.

Replay of this entire Flight Deck is on Facebook.

Reminder: Important conference tonight / Saturday morning at City Gate Atlanta with Chuck Pierce

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