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Moses Is Your Prognosis

As we prepare for Passover to crossover into what is next, two points from The Flight Deck last night.

First, God uses the chaotic and crazy, zig-zag, up-down, favor-failure pattern of life to prepare us so we are the right person with the right skills at the right place at the right time.

Moses is a poster child for that: Abandoned, then adopted and accultured to the halls of power of the very government that would have killed him.

40 years a prince, immersed in the religions, training, and wisdom of Egypt, yet he fled as a first-degree murderer.

Exiled from the Metro to the sand hole on the backside of nowhere to shepherd a flock not his own.

Four more decades brought things to a head for the Crossover that would pull all those years, tears, and fears together for good.

The shattered pieces of his past were drawn together into the present to break open the future.

And as with Moses, so is your prognosis.

Secondly, to get us to escape velocity, God uses a combination of pressures within and without.

To launch from a carrier, a fighter must bring the engines to full throttle - building pressure within by engaging all the power and passion stored on board.

But the catapult system MUST likewise bring its external pressure to get it to speed.

These pressures work together in PRECISE timing: If only one functions, the fighter will fall headlong into the sea.

God used these internal and external pressures to launch Israel out of Egypt. He does the same with us.

Those deep passions that feel like internal pressure MUST be allowed to come to full throttle.

AND those challenging, annoying, and even dangerous, EXTERNAL pressures must likewise be allowed to PRESS you forward and out.

God wrote Newton's Law: A body at rest will remain at rest UNLESS...

Pressures have been building to launch you forward so you do not miss this Passover crossover.

For as with Moses, is your prognosis and you're needed in this fight.


Replay of this teaching is on YouTube.

Replay of this entire Flight Deck is on Facebook.


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