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Pack Light. Lose the Leaven. Plunder the Enemy - Time to Cross Over

What a great night at the Deck! His Presence was so tangible in worship and then a powerful word from the Lord.

We are approaching the week of His Passion and Passover and Jean Jack explained it's time to pack light, lose the leaven, and plunder the enemy.

Jean brought the word with fun and fire and challenged us to examine our assumptions.

Are we properly attired to move out on the journey we're called to make: Equipped with the right belt, shoes and authority for this season?

How are we dealing with the 'leaven' in our lives? Do we even know it's there?

Do we discern the tiny, hidden aspects of legalism and religion that seek to infect the whole of who we are?

Are we willing to be as those 'of full age...who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil?' (Heb 5.)

So much great material in this word: Find the time and watch the replay.

The time is short - the crossing soon. His instructions are clear.

Pack light, lose the leaven, and plunder the enemy.

We're all moving out.


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Replay of this entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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