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Raising the Glory Net Over Georgia

Awesome time at The Deck last night. Always is when God shows up.

And always a near impossible challenge to articulate what happens in the Presence of the Spirit.

Suffice to say Derek and C.C. brought their unique keys of access and led the sound of this house so we could all enter an open heaven.

The significance of what went down is often missed, dismissed, or minimized by us, but never by Him who orchestrated it all.

For in this time when Georgia walks through a valley of decision, she is definitely on God's mind: For her choices affect the entire nation.

As if to reinforce that point, God arranged for Daphne Swilling to remind us of His work to reconcile Georgia with its First Peoples.

The magnitude of those Prophetic Acts of Honor, both completed and planned, serve to break up fallow soil and God is bringing the harvest in this time.

Remember that we are one part of the Glory Net* being raised up over Georgia and it ain't over yet.

Continue to worship. Continue to call up the full destiny of your state and the nation.

Build an altar: Open a portal. Honor the King.

We are not passive spectators: We're active and charged capacitors for the Glory of God released in the earth.

For King and Kingdom!


Replay of this Flight Deck is on YouTube and Facebook.

*For more information on The Glory Net and ways to help, go here.


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